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College and Career Counseling 

My Services
  • Interest Exploration- Before students can determine the best college or university, they must have some sense of what their strengths and interests are. Using a variety of career interest profiler websites, I can help students hone in on their skills.

  • Activity Sheet/Resume Creation- I try to help advise students over the course of their tenure in high school to get involved and to be passionate. Arts, athletics, community  service, volunteerism and work are all key aspects to differentiate themselves.

  • College Lists- After evaluating a student's desired goals and a family's resources, we carefully create a list of schools varying from "safety" schools to "reaches". 

  • Interview Prep- I assist students in preparing for interviews with alumni and admission's reps. 


  • College Funding- The price of college is only going in one direction, up. I help families fill out the FAFSA, CSS profile and can assist in the scholarship search and application processes.

  • Summer Programs- Many Colleges offer outstanding experiences to help your son or daughter grow intellectually. I can help advise which program might be best based on your child's interests. 

  • College Visits- Having visited nearly 50 schools, inside the US and several in Europe and Canada, I can provide insight into what to look for and what questions to ask your tour guide or admission's representative. 

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